High tensile strength

Silicone products without covering or surface protections, silicone itself could be very easily split. And hence, it limits the coverage of field application. By embedding a Matrix layer, it retain shape and softness while the fracture resistance is as well highly improved. The combination of softness, strength and elasticity provides comfort and durability for the user who are medium to high-activity. This technology is ready to offer advanced solution for silicone-based products.

Introducing Matrix layer
90% Polyester / 10% Spandex

Engineered for high speed workouts, Matrix features a soft, textured microfiber yarn with full stretch spandex and moisture wicking comfort.

Reinforced silicone matrix layer embedded

JY plastic has applied this innovative technique to silicone liners. The unique technology brings the benefits of better product performance and prolong its service life.

  • silicone high tensile strength
    Embedded Matrix layer enhances the
    fracture resistance. It prevents any
    possible splits while stretching.
    (Real photo)
  • Matrix layer texture
    MATRIX Texture
  • silicone prosthetic liner
    General silicone gel. The minimum wall
    thickness is 3mm. Reference products:
    Silicone liner, Toe crest, Gel pad.