The Plasma Etching Treatment

Silicone material is mostly surrounded or protected by films or plastic material, however, falling apart from the other material is always a lingering and later-on quality concern.

An advanced procedure as the plasma treatment on films or plastic material is improving their wetting capability and will provide an amazing bonding result with silicone. Oppositely, adding an adhesive into silicone or on films could be a shortcut. Adding an adhesive costs less, however, an adhesive might damage silicone material or spontaneously lose its own- stickiness.

In 2007, JY invested around 4 million USD leading in the plasma equipment to be the pioneer enterprise who's ever applied the technology in the healthcare industry.

Plasma equipment

Silicone has been used in medical device applications for its chemical stability, physical strengths, and biocompatibility. Nevertheless, some of its use in the healthcare industry has been hindered due to the need for surface modification to promote its adhesion to various substrates.

Low-surface-energy plastics, such as thermoplastic olefins (TPO), thermoplastic urethanes (TPU) , do not allow silicone adhesives to spread out, which means, they are both generally difficult-to-be-boned materials.

Among those surface modification methods, JY has adapted the cutting-edge plasma treatment to raise the surface energy of plastic substrate.

Plasma etching involves a high-speed stream of glow discharge of an appropriate gas mixture being shot. The plasma is a mixture of reactive species including positive ions, electrons, neutral gas atoms or molecules. The reactive ion beam delivers a highly directional flux of energetic, reactive ions to the material surface and increase the surface area of the substrate on the microscopic scale.

The treatment is performed in an evacuated chamber under low pressure(vacuum). The air is pumped out and a gas is allowed to flow in at low pressure , meanwhile the surface of the substrate are exposed to the ion beam and etched away.

By means of plasma treatment, silicone gel can make stronger bond with the plastic substrate(TPU) in the case demonstrated below.

The following figures demonstrate JY's seat cushion product made by the exclusive technology.

silicone seat cushion plasma treatment