Mechanical Die cutting

Die cutting is the process of using a die to shear off waste material. It is sophisticated enough to cut through only if they are horizontally flat and stiff enough . A geometric shape like breast form is soft and difficult to fit mechanical die cutting. The existing manufacturers has to choose "manual shear" to trim the rim, which leads to dislikable ragged edge. (see below Figure)

JY plastics is continuously working on systematic methods for quality and art design. It starts with having the best engineering team and making precision parts. For the elimination of handcraft error within a manufacturing system, we've developed the revolutionary 3D die to implement the mechanical cutting. Though there are much more investment in molds that has to be used in the production work, it conforms with our fundamental principle to build precision with esthetic sensibilities.

  • silicone gel breast form 3D die
    3 D die
  • silicone gel breast form tool number
    Every die is rigidly managed by ID number.
silicone breast form mechanical die cutting