Multi-Substances Composite Exclusive Technology

JY plastic operates with state-of-the-art tooling built to accommodate the complex geometries necessary and chemical background for composing different substances. Due to silicone gels are essentially lightly crosslinked silicone fluid that is able to evenly distribute body weight. For advanced medical field application, along with clinical researches, silicone gel is used to design positioners for surgeries. The goal of surgical positioning is to promote access to the surgical site. It should be carried out correctly to ensure patient safety and prevent complications.

To create more physical properties in one fabrication, JY plastics designs the unit to include more various hard components for firm positioning and to minimize the risk of complications. The advanced technology for multi-component combination will lead to a new level of industry development.

silicone gel multi substrate composite

2 in 1

As one of the best advantages of this material, silicone gel can evenly distribute body weight and release pressure. However, it is relatively soft to support and hold the body in one position during surgical procedures. By embedding a foam core, the gel positioner will retain soft while the body is also positioned nice and still. This composite design is to produce such kinds of products in a high quality and cost-efficient way.

silicone gel prone headrest

Reference products of this application

  1. Silicone gel+Foam: Prone head positioner-Foam baseProne head positioner- Foam coreChest rollsBreast Foam
  2. Silicone gel+Metal: Innovative silicone linerSilicone linerToe spreader w/ magnet.
  3. Silicone gel+Hard Breast Foam:Silicone mannequin
  4. Silicone gel+Glass:Diving Mask
silicone gel multi substrate composite

3 in 1-Plastic Support

The solid base: JY's tooling expertise allows the plastic component to securely match the curves of the metal bracket. What's more, the plastic component can easily be tightened to the metal bracket and endure repeated use.

The cushioning material: The soft nature and cushioning effect of these semi-solid materials provide excellent protection of the unit from external vibration. Most important of all, it has to be seamlessly attached to the outer gel layer and plastic component at the bottom.

The outer silicone gel: While patients are under anesthesia, the excellent performance of pressure relief and heat stability could prevent the body from pressure-related complications, such as ulcer and nerve injuries. Field application: Horseshoe headset for operating table.

neurosurgical silicone gel horseshoe headrest

Reference products of this application:Horseshoe headrest for neurological surgery

silicone gel multi substrate composite

3 in 1-Metal Support

The aim of patient positioning for surgery is to provide the best surgical access while minimizing potential risk to the patient. In preoperative setup, some of the positoners shall be placed and clamped to the table for adequate selected adjustment. The common setup of knee crutch will need to include a bracket base fastened and an accessorial silicone gel pad attached upon it.

With decades of heritage in silicones and tooling innovation, our precise engineering calculation allows the design to combine silicone gel, foam, and metal in one unit. The silicone gel offers softness, in the meantime, the metal surrounding high-density foam functions as a hard bracket base. The innovative design provides safe alignment, support for long duration and save time during setup.

Field application for operating table:Lateral positioner, Knee Crutch(Foam core), Arm board (Foam core)

silicone gel knee crutch positioner

Reference products of this application:Knee Crutch/ Lateral positioners/ Arm board support