Surface Modification- Matte Finish

Silicones without covering tend to collect electrons and become negatively charged. When an air mixture passes over the surface, it naturally collects the positive-charged dust. Silicone itself is also high- viscosity and sticky. A solution of surface modification is therefore developed to increase the convenience for users.

JY plastics is very sophisticated in improving surface finish, no matter in molding design or chemical vapor deposition methods for over three decades. Mold, the advanced surface treatment applied on the die creates the nature matte surface on the silicone without implementing additional chemical elements nor process.

Alternatively, products with special requirements may choose chemical vapor deposition methods. Either way will generate a neat surface to be dust-proof & antibacterial.

silicone prosthetic liner surface modification

Reference products of this application:Mold design- diving mask/

Chemical vapor deposition methods - Prosthetic liner